When I was a young child, the first love I discovered was books, especially field guides, atlases, travel journals, folios, compendia, explorer and artist biographies and legendary fantasy tales of adventure, magic and mythology. In the biographies for young readers of explorers, I saw my adventurous nature. In a biography of Georgia O'Keeffe, I saw the kind of life of creative independence I wanted to lead. And in the discovery of the Black Cauldron series by Lloyd Alexander - which I read voraciously - I recognized myself as a bard, telling stories around a campfire and inspiring through verse.

I always yearned and sought to live a noble, adventurous life of good. And in this seeking, while I discovered and connected many dots of universal wisdom through my self-guided love of the esoteric as a youth, as I trekked further into life and wisdom, I wished that I had come upon a treasure chest in some attic somewhere very early in life with maps of the existential territory of the unseen and the seen that I had to create for myself.

The samplings of my writings and storytelling shared here through Worlds of Words aim to be just that: A magical stash of field guides and maps in the form of verse and the original stories of my Golden Threads of Good Books to light a way of good in the world. These works often bring together my wordcrafting and my art in both traditional and digital forms for a multidimensional experience. From existential and ekphrastic (art-inspired) poetry to stories like Welcome to Earth: Field Guide #1 for Newly Incarnated Citizens and Rose's Garden, everything here reveals the expanded reality of who we really are, what we are really part of and what we are here to do.

As with the trails of breadcrumbs in fairy tales, we can find the blueprint of our universality as a unifying commons of mutual understanding if we are resourceful and diligent in the quest. With Worlds of Words, I hope I have made the scavenger hunt a little easier for those of any age early in their search for existential wisdom and the sacred path of the beautiful, the good and the true.


An exploration of the nature and essence of the planets through my original 3-dimensional handmade art and recitation of my original ekphrastic poetry of the unique and distinctive role and purpose of each major planet in our Solar System (yes, Pluto is there!), as I perceive them.


An exploration of the living spirit of the City of Chicago as expressed through my original handmade artwork and storytelling around its architecture and two magical human guides collaborating with the Chicago Spirit


Exploring the essential nature of Planet Earth as a living being and guidance system for its living centers of energy such as Humanity and the other communities of living beings through poetry, music and my original photography


A reading of a magical story of the experience of a Vermont town coming to life and waking to who and why she really is